Weigh In Wednesday

24 Aug

I weighed in this morning at 167.2 pounds.  That’s 1.6 pounds lost since last week!  Of course, last week I gained .4 pounds, so I’m down 1.2 pounds total in two weeks.  Since I’m going to Vida Vegan Con this weekend, I’m hoping simply to maintain through my next weigh in.

I talked about the Points Plus program on Monday, so today I thought I’d speak more about the Weight Watchers e-tools.  You have access to the e-tools as soon as you sign up for the online program, and the tools include a Points Plus Tracker, Weight Tracker, Progress Reports, Find & Explore, Recipe Builder, Food Calculator and Activity Calculator.  I write this not to give away Weight Watchers’ secrets, but to let people know what they can expect by signing up for the online services.

The Points Plus Tracker includes food tracking and activity tracking.  You add the food consumed and activity done each day, and you can also save favorites for easy access.  And I don’t use these features, but you can track your hunger and add notes to help with journaling as well.  Another way you can save food is by using meals; if you make the same meal with the same ingredients often, you can that group of ingredients as a meal for easier tracking.  For instance, I always make grits the same way (two packets instant grits, 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1 Tbs nutritional yeast, lots of pepper), so I saved a meal called “breakfast grits” that is easier to add than the separate ingredients.

The Weight Tracker does just that, tracks the weight that you enter weekly.  You can choose your weigh in day when you sign up.  I chose Wednesdays because it gives me time to recover from the weekend, when I tend to use most of my weekly points.  The Weight Tracker shows you a nice graph of your weight loss, with a line indicating your current goal.  You earn milestones for special accomplishments (for example, I got a gold star when I lost five pounds), and you can track measurements if you like.

The Weekly Report section of Progress Reports shows you your daily breakdown of points used in a bar graph, and your weekly and activity points use in a pie chart.  (I love charts and graphs!)  The Monthly Summary section shows you your weight change for only the last month, as well as handy graphs with your points use and activity tracked for the month.

I haven’t really used Find & Explore yet, but it seems like a neat resource.  You can explore foods, restaurants, recipes and quick meal ideas by searching or browsing.

With the Recipe Builder, you…build recipes.  You add ingredients and enter the number of servings to see how many points there are per serving.  You can specify ingredient preparation, instructions and cooking time if you like, to store the complete recipe.  I’ve gotten in the habit of entering recipes I plan to cook before I make them, to verify the points amounts and better plan my meals.

The Food Calulator is a quick calculator to find the Points Plus value of a food.  Same for the Activity Calculator, it’s a quick way to see how many points you would earn for a certain duration and intensity of exercise.

You can also download the mobile app for free, which I have found to be very handy.  It can be a little glitchy sometimes, as apps tend to be, but overall it has worked well.  You can track food and activity, explore articles and recipes, and more.  There is a quick calculator which has come in very handy.  Just the other day I used it to determine while hungry at the store that I should have a Clif Mojo bar instead of a Green Machine for a post run snack.  More filling for less points!

Onto my food for today.

Wednesday 8/24/11

breakfast – 2/3 cup Nature’s Path Vanilla Sunrise cereal with 1 cup almond milk and blackberries
AM snack – banana, coffee with hazelnut soy creamer
lunch – Hottie Black Eyed Peas & Greens, creamed corn, red onion and patty pan squash sauteed in 3/4 tsp Earth Balance
PM snack – Mexican rice salad
dinner – Togo’s hummus sandwich on white bread with mustard and veggies

Exercise – Couch to 5K Week 6 Day 1 (18 minutes running, 16 minutes walking)

Daily points used:  29
Weekly points used:  1
Activity points earned:  4


One Response to “Weigh In Wednesday”

  1. Janeen August 25, 2011 at 5:38 am #

    Congrats Erin. Good job! You might be surprised, sometimes after reducing your caloric intake, then eating more you get a bigger loss. Just remember to avoid the all or nothing mentality. I’m sure you’ll do great.

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