Packing for Portland

25 Aug

I’m almost finished packing to go to Portland tomorrow for Vida Vegan Con!  There will be panels and workshops and socializing, but there will also be lots of food.  Buffet breakfasts, food carts, receptions, brewpubs, oy!  I have a few strategies to keep in mind throughout the weekend.

1.  Try a bit of whatever I want, but only a small or reasonable amount.  There will be cupcakes at the welcome reception, and I’m sure I won’t need more than one, or maybe half of one.

2.  Track.  I am fairly certain that I will go over my points for this week, but that’s okay because it’s a special occasion!  I will do my best to track everything I eat, even when I don’t feel like it.

3.  Exercise!  I have plans for a waterfront run as soon as I check into the hotel tomorrow afternoon.  The hotel has a gym and a pool, so I’m taking my workout gear and hope to get some activity in.

I won’t be writing here for a few days.  Rather, I’ll be live blogging the conference on my other blog Vegan Homemade.  Check in there to see what’s happening!

Thursday 8/25/11

breakfast – 1 cup Nature’s Path Vanilla Sunrise cereal, 1 cup almond milk, blackberries
AM snack – peach, coffee with soy creamer
lunch – Hottie Black Eyed Peas & Greens, creamed corn, red onion and patty pan squash sauteed in 3/4 tsp Earth Balance
PM snack – three dried figs
dinner – burrito (rice, beans, guacamole, lettuce, hot salsa), 10 oz red wine

Daily points used:  29
Weekly points used:  14


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