A Not-So-Good Week

26 Sep

I’m having a not-so-good week for staying on plan.  I think after a three pound loss last week I got a little overconfident and used up too many points too early – I really need to save most of the weekly points for the weekend.  That combined with my inability to exercise right now, and I’m over my points allowance already.  I’m not in a bad place mentally, but I think I need to get through tomorrow and start fresh again on Wednesday.  We’re going on a little vacation this weekend as well, and it’s to a place I’m sure I won’t be able to stay completely within my points.  Hint – what happens there stays there.  Although, I suppose for someone on a weight loss plan, what happens there definitely comes home with you!

I still wasn’t able to exercise today.  My leg doesn’t hurt when I walk most of the time, but I can tell that it’s still a little tender.  I’d really like to be able to run tomorrow but definitely don’t want to push it, so it will be a game time decision.  I would feel better about this week if I could earn those seven activity points!

Sunday, 9/25/11

breakfast – chickpea crepe with Atar Allecha (Ethiopian split peas) and Gomen (collard greens), iced coffee with soy milk
lunch and the afternoon watching football – tostada with radishes, cabbage & salsa, two tacos with mushrooms, pinto beans and 2 Tbs guacamole, 8 tortilla chips, celery & carrot sticks with 4 tsp hummus, 3 peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough balls, 24 oz light beer
dinner – 6 pcs cucumber avocado sushi, 8 pcs veggie sushi with fried tofu, tamari, 12 oz red wine

daily points used:  29
weekly points used:  1
activity points used:  11
non-existent points used:  16

Monday, 9/26/11

breakfast – optimum slim cereal with sliced banana and almond milk
AM snack – grapes, coffee with coconut creamer
lunch – chickpea crepe with Atar Allecha (Ethiopian split peas) and Gomen (collard greens)
PM snack – 4 veggie gyoza, 2 plums
dinner – vegan Juicy Lucy (cheese stuffed burger) on what bun with oven baked sweet potato fries, avocado & ketchup, roasted green beans, 2 peanut butter chocolate chips cookie dough balls

daily points used:  29
non-existent points used:  12


3 Responses to “A Not-So-Good Week”

  1. Brittany September 27, 2011 at 5:14 am #

    I’m having a rough week, too. Maybe something is in the air…? Only difference is that I’m mentally in a not so good place. I need motivation!!

    • veganhomemade September 29, 2011 at 8:15 am #

      Hope things are looking up for you very soon!


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