Tuesday Totals

27 Sep

I still didn’t get to go running today.  My calf isn’t at 100%, so I’m going to try again tomorrow.  It’s amazing how much I miss it!  It’s only been five days, but I feel like I haven’t run in ages.  I want to make sure I’m completely healed before I run again, since my 5K is in 18 days and I can’t afford to re-injure myself.

I went over my points total again today, but only by a few.  I definitely agree that exercise helps to control your hunger, because I’ve been more hungry than usual this week with no other explanation.  I don’t think I’ve made bad food choices necessarily, but they haven’t all been great either.  I think I will have gained a little when I weigh in tomorrow morning, but hopefully I haven’t negated the entire three pounds I lost last week.

Tuesday, 9/27/11

breakfast – cereal squares with sliced banana, 1 Tbs raisins and almond milk
AM snack – pear, plum and coffee with coconut creamer
lunch – chickpea crepe with Atar Allecha (Ethiopian split peas) and Gomen (collard greens)
PM snack – 1/4 cup wasabi wow snack mix
PM snack 2 – 1 oz salt & vinegar pop chips
dinner – Matar Tofu Paneer Dahl, wilted arugula, peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough ball

daily points used:  29
non-existent points used:  3

Matar Tofu Paneer Dahl from Bittersweet.

Daily points used:  203/203
Weekly points used:  80/49
Activity points earned:  11
Activity points used:  11
Points left on the table:  -31

That’s like having eight days worth of food in a seven day week!  Oops.  Tomorrow starts a new week.


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