VeganMoFo: Apples

10 Oct

I didn’t get to post for a while there!  Friday night I was just too tired to do anything.  Saturday we participated in a wiffleball tournament and came home exhausted.  Sunday we went to a friend’s house to watch football, et cetera et cetera.

My topic today is apples.  Is there anyone who doesn’t like apples?  Doubtful.  The US per capita consumption of apples and processed apple products is 120 a year.  There are about seventy five hundred varieties of apple grown around the world, but only eight types make up 80% of domestic apple production.

Apples are a great source of vitamin C and pectin, and a good source of potassium.  Most of the important nutrients of an apple are in the skin, so eating an apple raw an unpeeled will provide you with more phytonutrients, specifically flavanoids such as quercitin.  Quercitin is an antioxidant that inhibits the release of histamine and other allergic compounds.  Apples have been linked to a lower risk for asthma as well as heart disease.

Apples vary in color, appearance, aroma, sweetness, flavor and tartness.  My go-to’s are Fuji and Gala, but I’m always up to try a new type of apple.  Sweeter apples are great for eating raw, and tart varieties tend to hold their shape better for cooking.  My favorite way to eat apples is whole and plain, but sliced with peanut butter comes in a close second.  I don’t bother with apple corers; it seems easier to cut the apple in quarters then cut the core pieces off.

Storebought unsweetened applesauce can be a good substitute for when apples aren’t in season, but applesauce is really easy to make at home too.  Just peel, core and chop apples then cook them over medium-low heat until soft and falling apart.  If the mixture gets dry or too thick, just add some water.  The concentrated apples are sweet enough so that you don’t have to add any sugar, and it’s delicious sprinkled with cinnamon!  You can substitute applesauce for half of the fat in a lot of baking recipes with good results.

One time when I was sick and could only eat soft foods, I mixed peanut butter into warm applesauce, and it was kind of a revelation.

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The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods

Now, to catch up on my daily menus.

Friday, 10/7/11

breakfast – one slice sprouted wheat toast with 1/4 cup eggplant hummus and three Tofurkey slices
AM snack – strawberries, coffee with soy creamer
lunch – succotash quesadillas with nacho mmmm sauce, sugar snap peas
PM snack – 1 1/2 servings multi grian pretzel nuggets
dinner – burrito (rice, beans, pico de gallo, guacamole), 36 oz light beer, 12 oz MGD 64

exercise – 30 minutes walking

daily points used:  29
weekly points used:  17
activity points earned:  2

Saturday, 10/8/11

breakfast – grits with succotash, mmmm sauce and Daiya pepperjack, coffee with soy creamer
lunch – 6 tortilla chips, tofurky and eggplant hummus sandwich on sprouted wheat toast, apple, 1 oz salt & pepper kettle chips, 36 oz light beer
dinner – grilled portobello and zucchini, 1 1/2 cups potatoes, 16 oz red wine

exercise – 1 hr wiffleball

daily points used:  29
weekly points used:  25
activity points earned:  3

Sunday, 10/9/11

breakfast – one slice sprouted wheat toast with 1/4 cup eggplant hummus and four Tofurky slices, fruit salad, coffee with soy creamer
AM snack – 1 oz sea salt and vinegar Pop Chips
lunch – two jumbo veggie dogs on gluten free waffles with various toppings, 1 oz salt & pepper kettle chips
dinner – tofu and broccoli in black beans sauce over 1 1/4 cups white rice, 6 oz red wine

daily points used:  29
weekly points used:  7
activity points used: 18

I took some veggie dogs to a friend’s house for football Sunday but the buns weren’t vegan, so I put ’em on some vegan and gluten-free waffles he had bought in case I wanted breakfast.  It was actually pretty good!

Monday, 10/10/11

breakfast – one slice sprouted wheat toast with 1 Tbs white chocolate wonderful peanut butter
AM snack – pear, wasabi roasted seaweed snack, coffee with soy creamer
lunch – yellow rice, black beans and seitan ropa vieja, apple
PM snack – multi grain pretzel nuggets
dinner – two cups tomato soup, grilled pepperjack Daiya sandwich on sprouted wheat bread

exercise – ran 1 1/2 mils (18 minutes), walked 10 minutes

daily points used:  29
activity points earned:  4
activity points used:  4

Success of the week:  I had to take my belt in a notch to keep my pants up!


2 Responses to “VeganMoFo: Apples”

  1. KT October 11, 2011 at 1:08 pm #

    Peanut butter in applesauce sounds amazing!

  2. Mandee October 11, 2011 at 5:10 pm #

    Me, I don’t like apples because when I eat them they make me feel nauseous but I do miss eating them!

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