VeganMoFo: Onion

13 Oct

Onions are low in calories and also in nutrients, and generally aren’t viewed as a “health food”.  However, studies have shows that they may have health benefits such as lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, and interfering with the formation of blood clots.

The allium family includes all sorts of onions – white, yellow, sweet, red, green, pearl, leeks and shallots.  Onions can be found year round, and are the perfect ingredient to include in almost every savory recipe.  Shallots, in particular, can give a recipe that certain restaurant quality that guests may not be able to put their finger on.

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Onions can be prepared in almost any manner.  You can bake them whole, braise them slowly in some liquid, roast them along with other chopped vegetables, saute them, stir-fry them, or my favorite – caramelize them.  To caramelize onions, cook them over low heat in a little bit of oil for about a half hour, until they’re very soft and sweet.  Watch that they don’t brown or get too dry.  Some recipes will tell you to add sugar, but if you start with a sweet onion ya don’t need it!

Onion tip:  If onions make you cry when you cut them, or if you want to reduce the pungency (say to use raw in a salad), soak them in water just after cutting.  The gas that makes your eyes water is released into the air when the cell walls are cut, but it will dissolve in water, leaving you tear free.

Source:  The Wellness Encyclopedia of Food and Nutrition

Thursday, 10/13/11

breakfast – one piece sprouted wheat toast with one Tbs white chocolate wonderful peanut butter and sliced pear
AM snack – apple, six almonds, coffee with soy creamer
lunch – Green Curry Tofu Cakes, horseradish ketchup, Bean Sprouts Slaw Salad with Coconut-Ginger Dressing
PM snack – smoothie (banana, strawberries, cultured coconut milk beverage, hemp protein powder)
dinner – yellow rice, black beans, shredded seitan ropa vieja, wilted swiss chard

exercise – ran 2.8 miles (35 min), 10 min running

daily points used:  29
activity points earned:  8


One Response to “VeganMoFo: Onion”

  1. Carrie October 13, 2011 at 10:18 pm #

    and they’re just plain delicious, too! :)

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