VeganMoFo: Weigh In Wednesday and Potatoes

19 Oct

I weighed in this morning at 164.5, which is exactly the same as last week.  I’m okay with maintenance, considering I went over my points plus limit.  I’m hoping to exercise more this week and make good food choices, although it’s going to be difficult.  We have band practice tomorrow night right after work, and we’re going out of town for the weekend.  And, I’m still trying to keep up with VeganMoFo over on Vegan Homemade as well.

Onto today’s topic, potatoes!  Potatoes have been somewhat demonized in the low-carb craze, but potatoes are worth a second look.  The carbohydrates they supply are complex (the “good” kind), and they also provide protein, vitamins and minerals.  As long as you don’t load a potato down with added fat, it can be very healthy.  A potato’s skin is a concentrated source of dietary fiber, so it’s best to leave the peel on.

There are two types of potatoes – starchy and waxy.  Russet potatoes are starchy, and best for baking.  Smaller varieties like red and white potatoes and fingerlings are waxy, and better for sturdy preparations like roasting and potato salads.  If you want to enjoy lightened up mashed potatoes, mix them with other cooked veggies like cauliflower or turnip and accent with fresh flavors like herbs, cracked pepper or truffle salt.

The Wellness Encyclopedia of Food and Nutrition

Wednesday, 10/19/11

breakfast – one and a half buttermilk-date bran muffins, half a grapefruit
AM snack – apple, coffee with soy milk
lunch – celeriac and caramelized onion soup with shiitake bacon, grilled cheddar Daiya sandwich on multigrain oat bread
snack – 1/4 cup cashew, almond and cranberry trek mix
dinner – pickled carrots, cream cheese-stuffed apple and rosemary scone, banana

exercise – 30 minutes walking

daily points used:  28
activity points earned:  2


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