VeganMoFo: Millet & Tuesday Totals

25 Oct

Millet, much like quinoa and amaranth, is a small gluten free seed with a good protein content.  Unlike amaranth, however, it will cook up fluffy if you do it right.  Millet is a good source of fiber, phosphorous, magnesium and B vitamins.  It is a great alternative to wheat or rice if you’re looking to mix things up.

There are lots of opinions on the way to cook millet, using two or three parts water, soaking it, rinsing it, toasting it.  To be perfectly honest, it can be a little hard to get right, so experiment and see what works for you!  For the best millet I ever made, I toasted one cup then added 2 1/2 cups of water and simmered just until done.  It can take 20-25 minutes.  To end up with fluffy, soft millet, treat it like rice – simmer it covered and don’t disturb until it’s done cooking.  For creamier millet, stir the pot more often and add more liquid as needed.

I think millet tastes a little like corn, and it will take well to either savory or sweet applications.  Millet flour can be used in gluten free baked goods, and whole raw millet can also be added to items such as bread.  Now I want to make some millet cornbread!

Source:  The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods

Tuesday, 10/25/11

breakfast – toasted Daiya cheddar sandwich on multigrain oat bread
AM snack – grapes, pear, coffee with vanilla soy creamer
lunch – Fines Herbes & Dijon Crusted Tofu with Braised Leeks & Pea Puree, 1 cup mashed potatoes made with almond milk
dinner at Whole Foods – 2 small potato samosas, 1/2 cup spaghetti with ratatouille and 1/4 cup chickpeas, roasted vegetables, half-caff coffee with soy milk
before bed – 2 oz Tings

exercise – 30 minutes walking

daily points used:  29
non-existent points used:  9

Totals for 10/19/11 – 10/25/11

Daily points used:  202/203
Weekly points used:  91/49
Activity points earned:  13
Activity points used:  13
Points left on the table:  -42

Oi!  We were out of town all weekend which definitely led to going over my points allowance, and I also didn’t earn many activity points.  I feel like I made decent choices, but I can still do better.  We’re having band practice twice a week too which means I’m away from home from 7:30AM to 8:30PM and I eat dinner at the Whole Foods hot bar, and this reduces my opportunity for exercise to a walk during my lunch break.  Regardless, I feel pretty good so I’m hoping for a decent weigh in tomorrow morning.


One Response to “VeganMoFo: Millet & Tuesday Totals”

  1. Sarah October 26, 2011 at 11:12 am #

    That millet looks awesome. I’ll have to try your technique – I’ve only made gummy, icky millet.

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