VeganMoFo: Almonds

31 Oct

It’s the last day of VeganMoFo!  It’s been fun to try to be extremely informative all month, but tomorrow I’m going back to just my musings and experiences with food and exercise, and maybe even some recipes.

Let’s talk nuts.  All nuts are great in moderation, but I want to focus particularly on almonds both because I love them, and because they’re really good for you.

Almonds are the fruit seeds of sweet almond trees, and they’re closely related to peaches.  They contain more calcium than any other nut, and are also a good source of iron, riboflavin and vitamin E.  A quarter cup of almonds provides almost 12% of the daily value of calcium for women, and 9% for iron.  They also have the highest dietary fiber content of all the nuts and seeds.  Sadly, most almonds sold as raw aren’t really raw, as they have been pasteurized.  It can be hard to find truly raw almonds, but as compared to roasted or otherwise processed nuts, I prefer the “raw” almonds, as they’re more of a blank canvas.  You can always toast or roast them at home if you want.

The easiest way to eat almonds is just as they are!  If I want a piece of fruit for a snack but feel it’s not going to be filling enough, I’ll have six almonds too for just one points plus.  You can mix almonds with other nuts and dried fruit (or chocolate chips) for a healthy homemade trail mix.  And of course, there’s almond butter.  Because almond butter is more calorie dense, it should be used sparingly if you’re watching your intake.  I usually limit myself to one serving of nuts a day, but of course today I had two – a Tablespoon of almond butter in my morning smoothie, and a handful of trek mix for my afternoon snack.

Source:  The Wellness Encyclopedia of Food and Nutrition

Monday, 10/31/11

breakfast – smoothie (banana, 1 Tbs almond butter, 2 Tbs hemp protein powder, Amazing Grass Chocolate Superfood, unsweetened almond milk)
AM snack – apple, pear, coffee with vanilla soy creamer
lunch – salad (lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, wheat berries, edamame, chickpeas, corn, baked tofu, sesame dressing)
PM snack – 1/4 cup trek mix
dinner – green curry stew with sweet potatoes, swiss chard and white beans

exercise – ran 2 miles (24:30 min), walked 10 minutes

daily points used:  29
activity points earned:  6


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