Tuesday Totals

8 Nov

I mentioned yesterday that I used too many of my weekly points too early last week, and over the weekend I tried hard not to go over my limit…and then when I went over my limit I tried to go over by as little as possible.  It didn’t end up being too bad…

Tuesday, 11/8/11

breakfast – polenta rancheros with salsa and 1/4 an avocado
AM snack – grapes, coffee with coconut creamer
lunch – deep dish greens casserole with millet amaranth crust, banana
PM snack – 6 almonds
dinner – one veggie spring roll, small amounts each of garlic noodles with edamame, Mongolian Tofu, Gobi Manchurian, sesame kale

exercise – 30 minutes walking

daily points used:  29
exercise points earned:  2

Totals for 10/26/11 – 11/1/11

Daily points used:  203/203
Weekly points used:  62/49
Activity points earned:  15
Activity points used:  15
Points left on the table:  -13


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