Tuesday Totals

29 Nov

Totals for 11/23/11 – 11/19/11

Daily points used:  203/203
Weekly points used:  93/49
Activity points earned:  18
Activity points used:  18
Points left on the table:  -44

I didn’t track on Thanksgiving day, so I’m sure my points total is much higher than listed.  I’m hoping not to gain more than one pound this week, so that I can start making positive progress again in the coming week.

Weight Watchers has been sending out announcements about PointsPlus 2012, which is coming online this Friday.  They say the way points are counted is not changing, but that there are a few small tweaks which will make the program more customizable.  I’m particularly interested in having more flexibility with using my PointsPlus budget.  Maybe unused daily points will roll over?  They also say that you’ll be able to take a break from tracking for a day or more; I’m not sure exactly how that will work.  Maybe it will be like the old “core” program, where you don’t have to track food as long as you only eat from a list of healthy foods.

Look at the pretty logo…

Tuesday, 11/29/11

breakfast – 3/4 cup cereal squares with warmed unsweetened almond milk & sliced banana
AM snack – coffee with hazelnut soy creamer
lunch – potato soup with watercress, salad with beets, blue Sheese and red wine vinaigrette, two clementines
dinner – tofu frittata (with mashed potato, mushrooms & greens), two slices 21 whole grains bread, swiss chard with tempeh bacon, roasted butternut squash with dried cranberries, 12 oz beer

exercise – 30 minutes walking

daily points used:  29
activity points earned:  2
non-existent points used:  3


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