Catching Up

5 Jan

Sooooo I didn’t mean to let a month go by without blogging!  I’m still working the Weight Watchers program; I’ve tracked my food every day except Christmas and the day after, and have been exercising pretty regularly.  I’ll do a quick recap of each week that’s passed, and hopefully get back into the habit of blogging almost daily.

I weighed in December 7th at 158.8, down one pound from the week before…then we went to Vegas for three nights.  I did run twice while we were there, once in the gym at Treasure Island and once on the strip, so that was good.  Still, I went 126 points over my allowance, and unsurprisingly weighed in at 162.5, up 3.7 pounds.

When we got back from Vegas I worked late for two nights to catch up a little (December and January are our busiest months at work).  Due to the travel and overtime, I caught a cold which lasted through the weekend.  Needless to say I didn’t exercise much that week, which led me to go over my points by 35.  However, I weighed in Wednesday 12/21 at 155.6, down 6.9 pounds from the week before.  And, with that weigh in I had lost 10% of my original body weight.  I think that sometimes relaxing on your eating (as I did in Vegas) and then getting right back on track has a kind of kick start effect on your metabolism.  Something was working for me that week, for sure.

Tofu-noodle-cabbage soup to heal my cold.

(Side note:  after losing 10%, Weight Watchers lets you choose your own goal weight.  I’ve liked going 5% at a time, so my current goal is 147.4, or 15% lost.)

The next week was Christmas!  I worked through the 23rd, then all bets were off for a full week of vacation.  We went to Dave’s cousin’s house for Christmas Eve, then had a few friends and family over for Christmas Day.

Christmas dinner:  Gardein beefless tips, garlic-parsley potatoes, corn and roasted onion & mushroom salad with horseradish dressing.  Seems harmless enough, but there was a lot of Earth Balance on the potatoes.  I didn’t track food on Christmas Day or the day after, and ended up going 25 points over my limit that week.  In reality I’m sure I was much more over.

I didn’t weigh in on 12/28 because I was in Florida.  My mom rented a beach house in Anna Maria Island and I went for a few days to spend time with my parents, brother and sister-in-law.  It was a really great, relaxing vacation.  The house had a fully equipped kitchen, and it was nice to mix in healthy meals and snacks with restaurant food.  My mom even brought ingredients to make overnight oats!

I got some cooking gifts for Christmas (cookbooks and utensils and such), but more relevant to this blog, running stuff!  The Complete Book of Women’s Running, iTunes gift cards to hopefully build a new playlist, and a gift card to See Jane Run (inside the card).

We had a quiet New Year’s Eve at home with a friend, and cooked brunch on New Year’s Day for a few people who came over to watch football.  On Tuesday I finished the week 128 points over my allowance, and was just hoping to gain as little as possible considering I had skipped  a weigh in, been on vacation, and passed a few holidays.

I weighed in Wednesday at 158.7, 3.1 pounds up from two weeks before.  Right after I returned from Florida I did a test weigh in and was over 162, so I was happy with where I ended up.  I’m hoping that by getting back to healthy eating and exercise I can drop back down to 10% lost and get back to business.

Speaking of exercise, I’ve been working on the Bridge 2 10K program.  It’s a continuation of the Couch 2 5K program I completed, and I am enjoying it as much as one can enjoy running for 45 minutes.  I’ll talk more about my running progress and plans in an upcoming post.

Wednesday, 1/4/12

breakfast – bran flakes with unsweetened almond milk and sliced banana
AM snack – half a cantaloupe, coffee with vanilla soy creamer
lunch – black eyed peas with brown rice and collards
PM snack – applesauce oat bran muffin
dinner – lentil soup, steamed potatoes with nutritional yeast sauce, bacon flavored chips and green onion

exercise – Bridge 2 10K week 2 day 3 (45 minutes running, 13 minutes walking)

daily points used:  29
activity points earned:  9

Thursday, 1/5/12

breakfast – oat bran with banana and 2 tsp each strawberry preserves and peanut butter
AM snack – grapes, coffee with vanilla soy creamer
lunch – giant salad (lettuce, carrot, tomato, sprouts, corn, wheat berries, edamame, chickpeas, baked tofu, sesame dressing)
dinner – 12 tortilla chips with salsa, burrito (rice, refried beans, onion, guacamole, lettuce), 10 oz red wine

daily points used:  29
weekly points used:  18


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