10K Plan

17 Feb

I’m running the Bay Breeze 10K tomorrow morning, and I’m excited!  The race was ideal for me, both timing-wise and location-wise, since it’s right across town at the San Leandro Marina.  I’ve actually been running on part of the course for a long while, so I’m familiar with the terrain.  The trail follows the bay, and at different times you have views of San Francisco or the Oakland Hills, and planes coming into the Oakland Airport go right over your head.

I’m not really nervous about the race, because I’m confident I can finish.  I’ve been going five miles in my training runs, so I think I can handle six without too much more trouble.  It’ll be the longest distance I’ve ever run, and since it’s my first 10K it’ll be an automatic PR!

My plan for the race is:
1.  Go slow.  I’ll hold my pace back at the beginning to make sure I can go the distance, and I’ll do my best to not be bothered when people pass me, because people will pass me.
2.  Stop to walk very briefly at the three water stations just to grab a drink, if I want.

My goal is just to finish.  I’ll be very happy if I finish within 1:25, and super chuffed if I’m within 1:15.

Friday, 2/17/12

breakfast – 3 small slices mushroom & green pepper pizza w/ nutritional yeast
AM snack – apple, coffee w/ hazelnut soy creamer
lunch – Poached Tofu & Bok Choy over Glass Noodles, green curry roasted broccoli & carrots, banana
PM snack – 2/3 small Jamba Juice Apples ‘n Greens smoothie
dinner – 6 pcs veggie sushi roll (avocado, carrot, mushrooms), 8 pcs large sushi roll w/ fried tofu, inari & seaweed salad
after dinner – 1/3 dark chocolate bar w/ caramel, 12 oz MGD 64, 12 oz light beer

exercise – 30 minutes walking

daily points used:  28
weekly points used:  15
activity points earned:  2


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