Team ASPCA Raffle

On October 28th, I’m running the Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon as a member of Team ASPCA, a national fundraising and marathon training program.   The ASPCA is dedicated to providing effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States.  I’m really excited to be a part of Team ASPCA and honored to be raising both awareness and funding to support the ASPCA’s programs!  My goal is to raise at least $2300.

As part of my fundraising efforts, I’m holding a raffle!  My intent was to put together a list of raffle prizes that I was jealous of, and I accomplished that – I am highly envious of all of these prizes, with a total estimated value of over $1,100!  So, first and foremost, THANK YOU to all of the companies and people who have donated prizes!  Please click through the links and check out all of the donors.

How it works

Starting Friday, September 14th, I’ll draw two winners per week, one on Friday and one on Tuesday.  Each winner will receive their pick of the remaining prizes.  I’ll e-mail the winner right away for their pick, so be sure to check your e-mail!  I’ll also announce the winner in a blog post.  If I don’t hear back from a winner before the next drawing their winning entry remains valid, but the next winner will get their top pick of prizes.

As there are plenty of prizes (thanks again to the donors!), I will probably increase the frequency of drawings as the race draws near.

I’ll be tracking entries on a spreadsheet and using a random number generator to select winners.  I’m hoping to receive enough entries that using slips of paper would be absolutely ludicrous!

How to enter

1.  Donate to Team ASPCA!  Follow this link to my fundraising page, where you can donate by credit card:  Be sure to include your name with the donation so I can verify it (don’t make it anonymous).  If you wish to donate by check instead, please contact me at for details.

2.  E-mail me at to let me know that you donated.  Include your full name, the donation amount, and your shipping address.  (I, of course, won’t give your information to anyone else except for prize shipping purposes.)  Don’t skip this step, if you donate but don’t e-mail me I’ll assume you just wanted to donate but not enter the raffle.

Every $5 donation earns one raffle entry.  Donate $25-$45 and earn three extra entries (on top of the entries earned by donation).  Donate $50-70 and earn eight extra entries.  Donate $75 or more, and earn fifteen extra entries!

For example
$5 donation = 1 entry
$20 donation = 4 entries
$25 donation = 8 entries (5 plus 3 extra)
$45 donation = 12 entries (9 plus 3 extra)
$50 donation = 18 entries (10 plus 8 extra)
$75 donation = 30 entries (15 plus 15 extra)
So on and so forth…


The deadline to receive entries for each drawing is 12 noon PDT (3PM EDT) on the day of the drawing.  The deadline for the first drawing is 12 noon PDT, Friday, September 14th, so be sure to e-mail me by then for your entries to count!

Bonus entries

Earn up to three bonus entries per drawing by:
– Posting the raffle link on your blog
– Posting the raffle link on Facebook
– Posting the raffle link on Twitter

Full url:
Shortened url for Twitter:

For your bonus entry/entries to count, be sure to e-mail me at with a link to your blog or Facebook page, or your Twitter handle.  If you’re posting on Facebook, make sure your privacy is set so that I can see it.

Bonus entries are only available to those who have earned at least one entry through donation, and are only valid through the next drawing.  So, to earn bonus entries for each drawing, re-post the link and e-mail me again by noon PDT the day of the drawing.

See the end of this post for a few more rules.  Any questions?  E-mail me!

The Fun Part – The Prizes!

I’ll cross prizes out as they are won.  Good luck!

prize has been claimed
Certified Reconditioned Vitamix 5200 Blender with 64 oz container (white)
value – $329

Vitamixes are so pretty that I didn’t want to take it out of the box, but I promise it’s in there.  Do I really have to tell you how amazing Vitamix blenders are?  They’re the Cadillac of blenders.  I was lucky enough to be given this exact model for Christmas last year, and it was love at first blend.  My old blender was a hassle to use, and now I don’t hesitate to blend up anything and everything; I drink a green smoothie for breakfast almost every day and make sauces with abandon.  I’ll be writing a feature post on Vitamix soon!

prize has been claimed
Two Tickets to Disney Theme Parks (One Day Park Hoppers)

estimated value – $250
available internationally

Two (2) tickets valid for one day of admissions during regular operating hours to one of the following theme parks:  Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Disneyland Paris or Hong Kong Disneyland.  Valid for same day re-entry and Park Hopper privileges, where applicable.  (Not valid for Tokyo Disney.)  These are cast member tickets that were donated by a loved one who just-so-happens to work for Disney, and they are in pdf format.  The winner will need to print them for use.  Expires December 19, 2013.

prize has been claimed
Navitas Naturals Prize Pack

estimated value – over $75
vegan & gluten free

Includes hemp seeds, cacao powder, sweet cacao nibs, goldenberries, acai powder, trail mix, goji berries, mulberries, two packages of Power Snack (citrus chia superfood and cacao goji superfood), and a sweet Navitas branded Camelback water bottle.  This prize pack will fill you up with antioxidants and all sorts of good stuff!  I always have a number of Navitas products in my freezer and pantry, and most recently I tried the citrus chia superfood, which was kind of like a Larabar but with more good ingredients like chia seeds, maca powder and lucuma powder.  Two or three of the bite-sizes snacks is plenty to power you through a tough workout!  Find out more about Navitas Naturals products here.

prize has been claimed
Ancient Harvest Quinoa Prize Pack
estimated value – over $50
vegan & gluten free

I’m not gluten intolerant, but I usually buy Ancient Harvest Quinoa Pasta anyway, just because I like it!  Cooked properly, you really can’t tell the difference between their pasta and “regular”.  This mega-quinoa prize pack includes:  8 pastas (spaghetti, linguine, 2 rotelle, elbows, pagodas, veggie curls and shells), 2 boxes of traditional quinoa, 1 box of Inca red quinoa, quinoa flour, quinoa flakes, and 2 packages of polenta (plain, and green chili & cilantro).  Learn more about Ancient Harvest Quinoa products and find quinoa recipes on their website.

prize has been claimed
Box of 24 Go Max Go Candy Bars (assorted)
estimated value – $50

When Go Max Go came on to the scene, I was so happy to find a replacement for the oh-so-good but oh-so-NOT-vegan Snickers, one of my favorite candy bars.  All of their candy bars are 100% vegan and 100% delicious.  This prize is a box of 24 assorted candy bars…That’s a lot of candy, ya’ll!

prize has been claimed
SweetLeaf Stevia Prize Pack

estimated value – over $40
vegan & gluten free

I’m a big fan of stevia in general, and SweetLeaf’s products are fantastic!  This prize pack includes a box of 35 packets of stevia powder, a 2 oz bottle of Clear Sweet Drops, and 5 6mL bottles of Sweet Drops in English Toffee, Chocolate, Cola, Vanilla Creme, and Lemon Drop.  For those not in the know, stevia is a calorie-free sweetener made from a leaf, and is much sweeter than sugar (up to 300 times more).  I usually use stevia in drinks and smoothies, but you can totally use it in all sorts of recipes, like quick breads and desserts.

iFitness Neoprene Ultimate II Running Belt with
Hydration Add-on

estimated value – 40.00

When I first started running longer distances, I knew I would need something to hold water, gels, and an assortment of other supplies.  After reading some positive reviews, I purchased an iFitness Ultimate II Running Belt with Hydration Add-on, and I love it!  The belt boasts a water-proof pouch with an extra internal pocket (perfect size for an iPhone), elastic slots for up to five gels, a side pocket (which I often use to hold pepper spray), reflective strips, and toggles to hold your race bib.  The fit is adjustable.  I can say from experience that when the belt is loaded up, it doesn’t bounce, ride up, or bother me at all.  Once I’ve consumed most of my fuel and water it starts to creep up just a bit, but I like to wear the belt below my natural waist, so that’s probably just me.

Winner chooses the color, click here to see all the options, and check out all of the iFitness products!

prize has been claimed
Justin’s Prize Pack

estimated value – over $30
vegetarian, but not vegan (contains honey)

I love Justin’s nut butters not just because they’re fantastically delicious, but also because they come in adorable little single-serving squeeze packs that you can take anywhere!  My favorite is the Maple Almond Butter, and the super indulgent Chocolate Hazelnut Butter is close behind.  This prize pack includes one jar and 10 squeeze packs EACH or Maple Almond Butter and Honey Peanut Butter.  Check out all of Justin’s nut butter here!

Sweetpea  Baking Co. Gift Certificate
value – $30
available internationally (although prize must be redeemed in Portland, OR)

If you’re vegan, you’ve probably heard of the magical vegan wonderland that is Portland, OR, and I’m sure you’ve heard of Sweetpea Baking Co.  Their storefront in the “vegan mini mall” is a must-visit, offering baked goods of all kinds, breakfast specials, sandwiches, soups, and beverages.  I present you with this amazing apricot danish that I had last time I was there:

The gift certificate is for $30, and I think it’s good only for in-store use, expiring on 8/10/13.  Perhaps you could use it while attending Vida Vegan Con next May?

prize has been claimed
Herbivore Necklace, Buttons & Stickers

estimated value – over $30
available internationally

Herbivore Clothing Company is an online store and storefront in Portland, selling their own clothes and products, as well as other vegan goods like books, belts, purses, body care, and more!  I think their designs are the perfect mix of activism, cuteness, and vegan love.  This prize is an Herbivore cross necklace and a fantastic array of stickers and buttons.

prize has been claimed
TuneBand for iPhone 4

value – $29.99

I use Grantwood Technology’s TuneBand on all of my runs (except the longer ones when I’m wearing my belt), and I seriously don’t think I could live without it.  I leave the silicone skin and screen cover on my iPhone at all times, using it like a case, and the Velcro armband is great for getting a secure fit.  Even though the opening to the case is on the bottom, it’s very snug and I’ve never worried about my phone falling out.  I’ve been using my TuneBand three to four times a week for over a year, and it’ll still be a very long time before I need to buy a new one!

value – $29.99

Also by Grantwood Technology, the RunWallet is a soft neoprene wallet which will securely hold small items like ID’s, bank cards, keys, or cash.  You can use the elastic strap to attach the RunWallet to your arm, belt, or shoe, or wear it around your neck with the included lanyard.  I haven’t used the RunWallet yet, but now I definitely want one!

prize has been claimed
Case of Zevia Soda (4 6-packs/24 cans)
value – $27

Since I professed my love for stevia above, you could probably guess that I’m a huge fan of Zevia sodas.  I like the fizzy sweetness of soda, but regular soda is horrible for you, and the artificial sweeteners in diet soda isn’t much better!  Enter Zevia, a tasty, zero-calorie, all natural alternative!  My favorites are Grape, Orange and Ginger Ale, but they’re all really good, and I can’t wait to try the new Cherry Cola flavor as soon as I can find it.  This prize is a case of 24 cans.  The winner can pick a flavor, or opt for a variety.

prize has been claimed
Small Ceramic Bowl, Chartreuse Leaves, by
Hope Johnson Ceramics

value – $24

Hope is a friend of mine who makes beautiful handmade and hand-painted ceramics.  I’ve seen her in action!  This cute little dish measures about 4″ long x 3.5″ wide x 1″ tall and is perfect for holding sauces, small items, or just for being pretty!  This is my personal favorite design of hers, but she has lots of beautiful stuff in her Etsy shop.

Organicville Prize Pack
estimated value – over $25
vegan & gluten free

Organicville makes an astounding array of products, from dressings to pasta sauces to condiments to salsas, and now even beverages!  I love Organicville because I know I don’t have to check the label – it’s all 100% vegan, and it’s all delicious.  I particularly like their creamy dressings like ranch and Thousand Island, which are hard to find in store bought versions otherwise.  This prize pack includes two pasta sauces (one mushroom, one marinara), and four dressings (three Thousand Island and one garlic & sun dried tomato).

Ultima Replenisher Electrolyte Drink – TWO prizes available
value – $24 each
vegan & gluten free

I first heard of Ultima Replenisher electrolyte drink as a Brazen Racing sponsor.  After doing some research and confirming that their products are vegan, natural, and very low in calories, I was excited to try some after my next race, and it did not disappoint!  I just bought a tub myself and am planning to work it into my hydration routine very soon.  I have TWO boxes of Red Raspberry flavor to give away (30 packets each), along with a t-shirt (one medium, one small).  Take a look at this beverage comparison chart, it’s very telling!  (Although I feel coconut water is a great beverage in its own way…see the next prize.)

Case of O.N.E. Coconut Water (12 11.2-oz containers) & t-shirt – THREE prizes available (two claimed, one left)
value – $21 each

I tried coconut water after reading that some athletes use it for hydration, and it turns out there’s not much better after a hot run than some ice cold coconut water!  I like to drink it plain for recovery, or use it as the liquid in a fruit smoothie.  O.N.E. was at the finish line of my last half marathon, and they’ll be at the Rock ‘n’ Roll LA race too!  Each of three winners will receive a case of O.N.E. Coconut Water and a t-shirt (winners choose their shirt size).

prize has been claimed
Tofurky Prize Pack

Tofurky sent me a fantastic prize pack in the cutest metal lunch box!  It includes a medium t-shirt, pizza cutter, temporary tattoos, a magnet, stickers, buttons, a postcard, and three free product coupons good for hot dogs, jumbo dogs, gravy, ground beef, chorizo, tempeh, deli slices, breakfast links, or sausages.  The coupons are great, but I think the lunch box alone totally makes this prize pack!  Tofurky’s entire line of products is fantastic, check them out here!

8 X 10 Print from My Zoetrope (winner’s choice)
value – $20

If you haven’t heard of Michelle from My Zoetrope, head on over to her Etsy shop and check out some of the most adorable art on the internet.  I’ve been reading her blog for a long time now, and always love seeing the previews of new pieces as the seasons change.  I have my favorites, for sure, but the winner will get to pick the 8 X 10 print of their choice.

prize has been claimed
Cookin Crunk
by Bianca Phillips
value – $19.95

Cookin Crunk isn’t even out quite yet, so the winner will be one of the first people to get their paws on it.  I’ve been reading Bianca’s blog since I started reading blogs, and am luck enough to know her in real life too.  Cookin Crunk includes such recipes as Deviled Tofu Bites, Country Fried Tempeh Steak, Whole Wheat Buttermilk Biscuits and Chocolate Gravy, Slow-Simmered Collard Greens, “Elvis” Cupcakes, and Chocolate Pralines.  As a fellow southerner, I totally get her culinary point of view, and I absolutely can’t wait to peruse the final book after seeing previews and teasers on her blog for so long!

Gardein Prize Pack

Gardein donated a sweet neoprene lunch bag and three free product coupons.  If you are cool with meat substitutes and haven’t tried Gardein yet, you absolutely must!  They make so many awesome products that I haven’t even come close to trying them all yet, but my favorite so far is the Crispy Tenders.  They’re incredibly similar to real chicken fingers, without being so close that it weirds you out, and the flavors and texture are great.
prize has been claimed

prize has been claimed
Three Jars of Peanut Butter & Co. Peanut Butter

value – $18

vegan & gluten free

When I lived in a smaller city and couldn’t find Peanut Butter & Co., I envied their amazing flavors from afar.  Now that I can buy them easily, I have no less than three jars of these flavors in my pantry at all times!  I think I don’t need to explain why Cinnamon Raisin Swirl, Dark Chocolate Dreams, and White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butters are incredible, and they’re vegan to boot!  Winner will receive one jar each of the three flavors shown.

Three E-books by Hannah Kaminsky
value – $13
available internationally

Hannah Kaminsky, the queen of vegan desserts, has written four e-books, and the winner will receive three – Mission: Impossible Pies, Lunchbox Bites, and Wicked Treats.  If you know anything of Hannah’s creative recipes, amazing photography, and sense of fun with food, then you’ll know what to expect in her e-books.  She has also written three cookbooks, must-owns for fans of vegan sweets.

prize has been claimed
Alternative Baking Company Gift Basket


Alternative Baking Company makes 15 varieties of vegan cookies, both classic and gluten free.  They’re big, chewy, bursting with flavor and really great.  My favorites are Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and Pumpkin Spice – check out all the flavors!  This prize pack includes five cookies, a hat, a water bottle, a frisbee, a bookmark, a t-shirt, and a shopping bag.

prize has been claimed
Earth Balance Bamboo Cutting Board

I’m a huge fan of Earth Balance’s Buttery Spread, Buttery Sticks, and Coconut Spread.  Since I follow a lower-fat diet I don’t indulge often, but when I want to, they’re perfect for swiping across toasted bread, sauteeing, or as a base for frosting.  Earth Balance also make great stuff like soy milk, nog, and mayo, and it’s all vegan!  They’ve donated a branded bamboo cutting board, measuring 12″ X 18″.

Four Annie’s Coupons

I am addicted to Annie’s Goddess Dressing, the equivalent of tahini-based liquid crack.  Annie’s isn’t a totally vegan company, but they make plenty of tasty vegan products including dressings, bbq sauces, mustard and Worcestershire sauce, and snacks like bunny grahams and fruit snacks.  These four coupons are for any bottle of dressing, bbq sauce, Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, or mustard.

Nasoya Prize Packs – THREE prizes

Nasoya makes a wide variety of mostly-vegan products, and I love their sprouted tofus and TofuPlus, which is fortified with vitamins and extra calcium.  Most recently, I tried their Black Soybean TofuPlus, which was delicious marinated with balsamic vinegar and soy sauce and grilled.  They’ve also introduced low-cal shirataki noodles, which I can’t wait to try.

Nasoya donated a huge amount of great stuff, so I’ve split it into three prize packs:
Prize pack A – hat, black long sleeve t-shirt (L), lanyard, note pad, 3 coupons (2 for a free product, 1 for 55 cents off)
Prize pack B – hat, pink shirt (M), shorts (women’s L), lanyard, 4 coupons (2 for a free product, 2 for 55 cents off)
Prize pack C – hat, blue shirt (M), lanyard, note pad, sprouted TofuPlus vac pack, 3 coupons (1 for a free product, 2 for 55 cents off)

Tofurky VIP Coupon
available internationally

Good for one free Tofurky pizza.

Tofurky VIP Coupon
available internationally

Good for one free Tofurky roast or roast/gravy combo.

Daiya Wedge Coupon

The world of vegan cheese has been improving at a tremendous rate over the past ten years, and I feel like Daiya is the company that really stepped up the game.  There are certainly other good vegan cheeses on the market, but I’ll almost always reach for Daiya.  Their cheeses melt without becoming a weird mess, and they have that yummy cheesy flavor without the funk.  After offering only shreds for a while, they recently introduced wedges in cheddar, jack, and jalapeno garlic havarti; I’ve tried the jack flavor, and can’t wait to try the others.  This coupon is for one free wedge.

Daiya Shreds Coupon

For tasks like topping pizzas and sprinkling on tacos, Daiya shreds are perfect.  The mozzarella flavor is mild enough to go with almost any dish, and I really like making grilled cheese sandwiches with the chedar.  This coupon is for one free bag of shreds.

Last but certainly not least, 15 Free Product Coupons for Sophie’s Kitchen
No need to select this prize, as coupons will automatically be sent to the first 15 winners.
vegan & gluten free

When I first went vegetarian, the last foods I gave up were seafood and fish.  There are recipes for vegan fish and oddly-squishy vegan shrimp products out there, but Sophie’s Kitchen has really filled the void by producing good tasting and good for you vegan seafoods.  Their products are made with konjac, a food that’s high in fiber but low in calories; they are all vegan, and the shrimp, prawns, and squid rings are also gluten free.  All the products, of course, are great for people with seafood allergies too.  I’ve tried the prawns, vegan breaded shrimp, and breaded fish fillets, and while they’re all great, the breaded shrimp are definitely my fave!  I really want to try their vegan crab cakes too.  The first 15 winners will receive a coupon for a free Sophie’s Kitchen product!

The Nitty Gritty

– Entries earned through donation will be valid throughout the entire raffle.  If you buy two entries and win one drawing, your second entry will stay valid for the remaining drawings.  Entries earned through bonus methods will be valid for one drawing only.

– I love blog comments, but commenting on this page won’t be enough for this contest!  Follow the instructions above, and be sure to e-mail me at by the noon deadline for your entries to count, including your full name and shipping address.

– Most prizes are available only for domestic (US & Canada) shipping.  Prizes that are available internationally are marked as such.  (I wish I could afford to ship everything all over the world!)

– All food and drink products are vegan, unless otherwise noted.

– All products were donated as raffle prizes, and opinions expressed here about the prizes are mine alone.


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