Weigh In Wednesday & Workout Plan

22 Feb

I successfully completed the 10K on Saturday!  I’ll do a full race report very soon.

Totals for 2/15/12 – 2/21/12

Daily points used:  194/196
Weekly points used:  62/49
Activity points earned:  37
Activity points used:  37
Points left on the table:  -11

I weighed in this morning at 155.2, down .9 pounds from last week.  It’s my lowest weight since starting Weight Watchers!  I’m really happy that I’ve re-focused my efforts and busted past the up-and-down wackiness that’s been plaguing me since the holidays.

I had what might be called a binge on Saturday, but it was somewhat planned.  After the 10K I had plans to attend a going-away lunch at Souley Vegan, then to a bar in San Francisco to celebrate a friend’s birthday, and then on to his house to continue the celebration with a mini beerfest.  To prepare, I used as few weekly points as possible through Friday, and saved up my activity points.  On Saturday, not only did I drink a bunch of “real” beer (I usually only drink light), I also had TWO desserts.  I rarely ever have any dessert, much less two in one day.  The first, peach cobbler, was on a whim after lunch, and I was pretty sure I had room for it within my points.  The second was on even more of a whim when we passed by a gelato shop in the city which had TWELVE KINDS of vegan gelato.  It would be wrong not to try some, right?  So…I tried three kinds…and they were fantastic.  Even with all the beer and sugar, I lost this week, which proves that one “bad” day won’t necessarily ruin a good week.

Speaking of good, my dinner tonight was really good – a healthy take on a taco salad.

I’m kind of weird, and I like to use both ranch and salsa as dressing on my taco salads; I toss the lettuce and veggies with the ranch so that it’s evenly distributed, then put the salsa on top so you get salsa in some bites and not in others.  Call me crazy, but I think it’s really good.  For the quicky lowfat ranch dressing, I combined 1 Tbs Reduced Fat Vegenaise, 2 Tbs plain soy yogurt, a splash of lemon juice, pinches of salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, sugar and parsley, and a generous amount of dried dill.  It doesn’t taste exactly like ranch, of course, but it’s a great simulation, and the creamy dressing is only one PointsPlus.  For a crispy topping, I cut two small corn tortillas into strips, sprayed them with oil and sprinkled on a bit of salt, then baked at 400F for 10 minutes.

Workout plan for this week:

Wednesday – 45 minutes elliptical
Thursday – 30 minute walk during lunch
Friday – yoga
Saturday – run 3 miles
Sunday – rest
Monday – Turbo Kick class
Tuesday – BodyPump class

Saturday, 2/18/12

breakfast – sprouted grains English muffin w/ 1 Tbs almond butter w/ roasted flaxseeds, coffee w/ soy milk
post-run snack – 1/2 oz pretzels, half a banana, 2 orange wedges
lunch – “toasty burger” (wheat bun w/ southern fried tofu, bbq tofu, vegan mayo, lettuce, tomato & pickles), mustard greens, mac ‘n cheese, 16 oz beer, peach cobbler
afternoon – 22 oz beer, medium gelato
evening – veggie chili, 28 oz beer, 4 oz pretzels

exercise – ran 10K (76 minutes)

daily points used:  28
weekly points used:  29
activity points earned:  14
activity points used:  29

Sunday, 2/19/12

breakfast – sesame seed sprouted wheat bagel w/ 2 Tbs better than cream cheese
lunch – Kung Pao tofu & steamed broccoli over brown rice
PM snack – 2 apples
dinner – Kung Pao tofu & steamed broccoli over brown rice, 16 oz red wine

daily points used:  28
activity points used:  8
non-existent points used:  13

Monday, 2/20/12

breakfast – Poached Tofu over Glass Noodles, green curry roasted broccoli & carrots
lunch – peanut butter & strawberry jam sandwich on Ezekiel sesame bread, banana
dinner – 2 breaded vegan fish fillets w/ 1 Tbs ketchup, brown rice pilaf (shallot, shredded carrots, fennel, parsley & spinach)
after dinner snack – orange

exercise – 2 hours 25 minutes hiking

daily points used:  28
activity points earned:  10

Tuesday, 2/21/12

breakfast – smoothie (banana, frozen strawberries, kiwi, hemp protein powder, 2 Tbs oats, almond milk)
AM snack – apple, pear, coffee w/ hazelnut soy creamer
lunch – salad (butter lettuce, bell pepper, 3/4 cup pinto beans, 1/4 cup corn, green onion, cilantro, lowfat ranch, salsa)
PM snack – 3/4 oz almonds, 1 Tbs raisins
PM snack 2 – 1/2 serving everything crackers
dinner – Spicy Green Tomatillo & Avocado Smoothie, Jicama Slaw, Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Cornbread

exercise – one hour Afro-Belly Boogie class

daily points used:  27
activity points earned:  4

recipes from The Dairy-Free & Gluten-Free Kitchen

Wednesday, 2/22/12

breakfast – smoothie (banana, frozen raspberries, sprouted chia powder, 1 Tbs cocoa powder, hemp protein powder, Amazing Garss chocolate superfood, wheatgrass powder)
AM snack – apple, pear, coffee w/ hazelnut soy creamer
lunch – Spicy Green Tomatillo & Avocado Smoothie, Jicama Slaw, Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Cornbread
PM snack – one serving everything crackers
dinner – salad (butter lettuce, bell pepper, 3/4 cup pinto beans, 1/4 cup corn, green onion, pickled jalapeno, lowfat ranch, salsa, corn tortilla strips)

exercise – 45 minutes elliptical

daily points used:  27
activity points earned:  4


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